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After a number of dates Spike takes it upon himself to take initiative with his girlfriend. Not having experience had hindered him from going for it for a while. However, now he decides to put that thought a way and do what he can to give Gaddy a night to remember.


I want to take some practice with body muscles and I think that turn out great with the help of hatching.

I have commission opened. DM me to ask for details.
suggestive142980 artist:techgear62 gabby2416 spike78782 dragon56285 griffon27061 anthro260197 blushing197628 breasts277678 busty gabby150 clothes459570 female1362990 interspecies22925 licking20184 male372670 neck kiss184 neck licking236 nudity369982 partial nudity20510 shipping200248 spabby134 straight136394 tongue out103942 topless12539


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