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Harmony Song visits Applejack, and as goes the natural course of things, musical numbers happen.  
Harmony Song sings like Reba apparently.
“Like a rhyme in a song we all belong  
Like a bird in a tree we were meant to be  
Like a nose and a tail, a horse and a trail  
Like a base and a fiddle, Like a laugh and a riddle  
(Applejack is best pony)”
safe1755101 artist:onecoolmule20 applejack173613 oc713853 oc:harmony song12 earth pony267827 hybrid20659 mule366 bandana5530 best friends672 cowboy hat17298 duo65080 duo female12034 female1405820 hat90701 missing cutie mark4788 neckerchief1911 oc and canon60 open mouth155362 platonic63 singing6571 sweet apple acres3066 trotting1447 unshorn fetlocks27389


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