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Many donuts died for this image.  
This was her inspiration (mostly for the hairstyle)
Tina’s other maid ponies:  
Rainbow Dash: You are here  
Fluttershy: >>2567161  
Twilight: >>2571741  
Rarity: >>2579394  
Applejack: >>2668695  
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1755118 artist:taytinabelle142 part of a set13589 rainbow dash239008 pegasus310777 pony1015061 alternate hairstyle29166 apron4426 blushing205274 bowtie10689 button-up shirt109 clothes477352 colored pupils10179 cute206230 dashabetes9672 dock52223 ear fluff31430 embarrassed11767 eye clipping through hair6505 female1405878 high res33182 looking away3879 maid6064 maid headdress502 mare504231 outfit1392 rainbow dash always dresses in style1664 rainbow maid155 raised hoof48602 ruffles96 simple background410569 socks68725 solo1097301 stockings34317 thigh highs38302 tsunderainbow431 tsundere2956 unshorn fetlocks27390


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