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Many donuts died for this image.
This was her inspiration (mostly for the hairstyle)

Tina's other maid ponies:
Rainbow Dash: You are here
Fluttershy: >>2567161
Twilight: >>2571741
Rarity: >>2579394
Applejack: Soon™
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1724433 artist:taytinabelle138 part of a set12672 rainbow dash235903 pegasus298788 pony984730 alternate hairstyle28555 apron4310 blushing200547 bowtie10325 button-up shirt106 clothes466193 colored pupils9906 cute202498 dashabetes9495 dock50776 ear fluff30257 embarrassed11546 eye clipping through hair6008 female1378991 high res30933 looking away3771 maid5923 maid headdress478 mare489681 outfit1362 rainbow dash always dresses in style1649 rainbow maid152 raised hoof47408 ruffles94 simple background400093 socks67321 solo1076353 stockings33389 thigh highs37132 tsunderainbow412 tsundere2902 unshorn fetlocks26153


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