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Artist's description:
I was feeling a bit crap last night, but I wanted to draw something a bit different than I normally do.

If you're feeling a bit down today I hope this adorable fuzzy little fluff makes it a bit better. c:

She needs a name…what should it be?
safe1706300 artist:th3ipodm0n147 oc684563 oc only448707 unnamed oc1819 bat pony49783 pony967451 :p8904 boop request14 boop the snoot17 chest fluff39134 cute199791 cute little fangs2095 ear fluff29558 eyebrows4969 eyebrows visible through hair2062 fangs25332 female1362997 fluffy14247 folded wings6028 grayscale38086 high res29534 hoof fluff1772 mare480499 misspelling2416 monochrome149664 ocbetes5233 outdoors10690 pls36 pone133 sign3981 sitting63232 sketch62815 smiling248446 solo1064150 that batpony sure does love mangoes68 tongue out103942 traditional art117816 wings107373


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