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The Best Bubble Bath
Commissioned by me and done by GlamourPink.
Artist is taking more commissions on Patreon and DeviantArt
suggestive148568 artist:glamourpink93 indigo zap2524 sugarcoat3395 equestria girls207708 ahegao25717 ass51044 barefoot28584 bath2992 bathing1017 bathing together84 bathtub1819 blushing205143 breasts289391 bubble bath377 busty indigo zap213 busty sugarcoat499 butt66317 butt grab2692 butt touch4348 commission73346 commissioner:branagain285 crystal prep shadowbolts1337 embarrassed11765 feet41675 female1404949 females only13090 glasses64912 grope13862 hips2771 legs8853 legs in air4018 lesbian99419 looking at you176200 looking back60262 mating press598 nudity383181 open mouth155146 shipping206052 sideboob10835 soles4543 spread legs19980 spreading19896 stupid sexy sugarcoat116 suds181 sugarcheeks166 sugarzap40 the ass was fat14253 thick4595 thighs15159 tongue out108561 wet8429 wide hips18336


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Background Pony #6D6F
I agree! This looks like the best bath ever! We must never bath alone! Mind if I join you both my ladies?
Background Pony #DEC1
Got room for another person ladies? Just hope I don’t gain an erection.
Background Pony #070C
I just got home from another long day at school, so I decided to take a shower to help cool down and relax. But when I got to the bathroom, I saw two of my girlfriends, Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat, having a bubble bath together. They were shocked to see me, but one second, they smiled.
Sugarcoat: Welcome home Y/N. Hope you don’t mind if we use your bathtub.
Indigo Zap: Yeah rookie, we just needed to cool off and have a little fun together.
Sugarcoat: Indeed. You know…your probably here for the same thing. But since we beated you to it, I don’t see any harm for sharing.
Indigo Zap: I see where you’re getting at Sugars. What do you say rookie? Wanna watch us in the bath? Or do you wanna join us? We always have room for one more. (Winks)
Sugarcoat: You know you want to Y/N. I’ll let you play with my sugary ass. (She wiggles her butt at me)
I chose to join them and they were both happy for that. So all three of use had a relaxing bath and later have more fun as soon as we finish.
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