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suggestive129488 alternate version34989 artist:jonfawkes1615 twilight velvet3904 anthro233900 art pack:got sum-mer milf12 apple14799 basket2720 big breasts70019 bikini16152 black bikini17 black swimsuit209 breasts243438 busty twilight velvet702 carrot1930 cleavage31048 clothes414513 cutie mark41592 female933670 food61826 implied shining armor308 implied twilight sparkle1663 legs7042 mamako oosuki3 milf8326 onion102 open mouth125036 potato322 solo982482 solo female169523 swimsuit25234 sword10707 weapon27560 zap apple402


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Wait, why is she carrying swords?

"Don't worry kids, I packed everything we need for our beach picnic! Carrots, apples, turnips, zap apples, potatoes, onions, and your swords to use as spits for the fire!"

"Mooooom, how many times have I told you not to use my sword as a spit?"

"It's okay, Shiny honey, I know what I'm doing. I was a knight once too you know."

"Yes mom, we know… I've only read your biography a thousand times."

"Hush Twilight. It's time for food."