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suggestive140962 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2238 babs seed5732 oc674616 oc:anon11624 earth pony242723 human153000 pony952126 blushing194906 blushing profusely1968 chest fluff38235 clothes453746 dialogue64553 dirty talk512 female1348437 filly65539 freckles28301 grin37698 imminent foalcon136 implied arousal11 implied foalcon1555 implied human on pony action232 implied interspecies254 leaking1783 raised tail15104 shivering2065 simple background388003 size difference14064 small pony91 smiling243744 suit5778 sweat25916 tail26889 this will end in snu snu479 wide eyes16926


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@Background Pony #C899
Isn't that the guy who remarried a woman that was half his age?

Nothing too wrong with it if they're both legal adults. Although it sure makes for a bit of an odd couple when 1 of them is like 60 and the other is something like 20. But if the other is like 30 and the other like 60 it's closer to being on a similar level. Maybe the 60 one will be wiser from a long life, though.
Background Pony #DACB
Cut to three seconds later, when Babs has kicked him in the head, landed safely on the floor, and is in the process of hightailin' it out the door.