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Quick doodle.
Headcanon: Getting used to living on earth in Ponyville was way more challenging than RD had expected. When she got especially homesick and wanted to release, she took a stick and went on to the forest to fight some i̶n̶n̶o̶c̶e̶n̶t̶ p̶l̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ deadly beasts
safe1676558 artist:shore2020111 fluttershy209556 rainbow dash230580 pegasus280385 pony939382 chest fluff37536 duo58490 female1336615 floppy ears50717 looking at something2532 mare466578 mouth hold17034 nettle6 outdoors9835 plant2042 sitting61414 spread wings53009 standing11721 stick666 stinging nettle6 sweat25548 sweatdrop3070 twig117 wings101062 worried3801


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Learning to draw
I was just the same when I was little, there was nettle in the village outside the city, and I chopped it with sticks.