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Uploaded by Background Pony #BDBB
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Waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain for the bus,
waiting for the bus in the rain
I don’t know how to draw rain properly, it’d seems :^
safe1753517 artist:kumakum187 fluttershy217542 moondancer4994 pegasus310218 pony1013118 unicorn343486 2 panel comic1394 bus stop125 chest fluff41355 clothes476903 comic111603 cute206049 duo64980 ear fluff31315 female1404436 folded wings6618 friendshipping578 glowing horn20599 horn78125 magic75531 mare503433 mouth hold18099 outdoors11693 rain6265 raised hoof48528 shyabetes14537 sitting65700 smiling261960 sweater14942 sweet dreams fuel1671 telekinesis28798 umbrella2801 wings123648


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