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Waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain for the bus,
waiting for the bus in the rain
I don’t know how to draw rain properly, it’d seems :^
safe1766896 artist:kumakum187 fluttershy218763 moondancer5021 pegasus315302 pony1026772 unicorn349272 2 panel comic1417 bus stop129 chest fluff41991 clothes481521 comic112242 cute207628 duo66052 ear fluff32079 female1416017 folded wings6843 friendshipping580 glowing horn20880 horn80245 magic76219 mare509567 mouth hold18312 outdoors11925 rain6316 raised hoof49199 shyabetes14658 sitting66346 smiling265809 sweater15061 sweet dreams fuel1683 telekinesis29112 umbrella2824 wings126198


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