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Past couple days and night have been soooo hot…. #MLPFiM #hotday #SummerHeat
safe1751989 artist:johnjoseco4460 princess celestia96825 twilight sparkle306339 alicorn233108 the last problem6095 book34576 coconut304 comic111538 dialogue68104 flower26736 food73059 glowing horn20564 hair over one eye9349 horn77869 magic75463 older27848 older twilight1875 open mouth154710 princess twilight 2.02549 simple background409655 speech bubble24427 telekinesis28774 turned head11 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126247 white background102617


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To be fair to Celestia, she’s been raising and setting the sun daily while simultaneously running a kingdom for over a millennium. You do that and then see whether you want to retire afterward.
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In hindsight it wasn’t a good idea for the sisters to dump whats their freaking destinies(cutie marks) onto Twilight there.
At least let Luna continue raising the moon for synchro’s sake. She didn’t get to enjoy it for much long(heck, she got overshadowed with how Celestia raised the moon too for a 1000 years)
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The answer is because she’s suffering heat exhaustion. She needs to start sipping cold water and be moved to a shady or air conditioned space to rest, immediately.
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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Open your eyes! Only ponies are part of the deep state. Equestria plans to subject the other races. Celestia and Luna willing giving power to a random pony? Ha! Changeling body doubles and a secret coup.
I would like it noted that I’m joking. I’m not deny climate change in the show or real life.
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