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suggestive129565 alternate version35645 artist:uzzi-ponydubberx39 starlight glimmer44559 sunset shimmer57484 equestria girls182781 :t3586 bathroom stall191 boots19280 but why490 clothes414301 constipated76 cutie mark on human1753 female1185577 females only11325 gritted teeth10488 imminent diarrhea4 implied pooping126 implied urine72 one eye closed26006 panties46259 panties pulled down3514 pants12537 pants down845 potty time1171 raised leg6801 scrunchy face6770 shoes30982 shrunken pupils2617 sitting55788 this will end in pain1754 toilet1495 toilet humor121 toilet stall9 underwear55648 why2413


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Background Pony #0C16
out of all the pics of Sunset Shimmer on the toilet on Derpibroou for some reason I've always pictured her reading while she poops as I've drawn her on the toilet a few times myself either reading a Power Ponies comic while in her pyjamas or reading that story she wrote in "Super Squad Goals" in the bathroom of her own apartment while wearing the outfit she wears in some of the Equestria Girls webisodes