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Part 3
safe1688213 screencap219918 aqua cascade14 glow dust4 pinkie pie214450 rainbow dash231906 silver dust13 earth pony241905 pony949934 unicorn315544 my little pony: the movie18873 afterglow1623 background pony10199 canterlot5628 cropped48744 female1346263 male366527 mare471980 offscreen character33424 picture for breezies2836 stallion106386 unnamed character547 unnamed pony1796


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For the white and teal earth pony next to Rainbow Dash, Sweet Harmony

For the blue and green mare Teal Creek

For the yellow and red earth pony mare Sour Candy

For the purple and blue earth pony mare Stella

For the blue and orange unicorn mare Ocean Sunset

For the purple and green earth pony mare Glowstick

For the purple and blue earth stallion River Rock

For the orange and green earth pony mare Orange Limeade

For the gray and light blue earth pony mare Marbles

For the salmon pink and purple earth pony mare Rose Berry

For the fuschia and green mare Wildflowers

For the purple and green earth stallion Jelly Star

For the yellow and green earth pony mare Custard

For the two tone yellow earth pony mare Buttered Popcorn