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safe1902327 artist:jimmyjamno1130 fluttershy231766 rainbow dash253519 pegasus375223 pony1249738 cloud35949 cute225921 daisy (flower)78 dashabetes10593 dialogue75971 duo97768 duo female16921 featured image1012 female1539257 field1359 filly79792 filly fluttershy805 filly rainbow dash1384 flight208 flower30839 flying44652 foal24272 folded wings10924 grass11858 looking at each other25797 mountain6181 open mouth184197 outdoors14810 scenery8962 shyabetes16225 snowy mountain10 speech bubble29043 spread wings69287 standing16876 sweet dreams fuel1821 talking7845 tallershy104 tree38762 wings159167 young1726 younger19398


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Background Pony #D089
“Why are you down here on the ground?”  
“It’s nice. Try it.”  
“I don’t know. I don’t trust it.”
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1920s childhood? I guess that explains why Pegasi have such terrible coaches. Like where that one coach pushed filly Fluttershy off the clouds or the flight instructor laughing at “Rainbow Crash”.
Ah the good old days. Before that darn friendship magic that by Twilight Sparkle.
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