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suggestive135103 artist:bombality-kink3 rainbow dash226416 equestria girls190890 equestria girls series30914 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13045 agony61 belly button72693 bladder bulge39 bladder inflation8 comic104615 crossed legs2987 crotch grab52 desperation747 eyes watering7 female1303826 hand on belly252 inflation8890 line-up1007 music festival outfit653 nail biting17 need to pee965 omorashi919 out of order30 port-a-potty10 potty emergency556 potty time1230 stomach bulges250 stomach noise2931 sweat24695 teary eyes3705


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Background Pony #6ABD
Bombality here:
I don't have an account here actually, I'm not sure who posted this here for me… I mean, I don't mind it and I was credited both in the tags and with a link so it's not a problem but still a bit weird
Background Pony #830F
When the digital series continues do you think that will happen to human rainbow dash at the music festival or in Canterlot high or elsewhere in the city?