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She's fond of the four h's: hop, hop, hop, and hug :D
safe1690269 artist:badumsquish1937 derpibooru exclusive28022 oc674453 oc only442858 jiangshi29 pony951908 undead2029 bipedal33792 blush sticker2452 blushing194864 braided ponytail277 braided tail1140 chinese2799 clothes453643 eyeshadow15274 female1348169 fog886 forest10048 full moon3382 hanfu38 hat85508 looking at you165643 makeup20975 moon23205 night25947 outstretched arms101 ponytail17585 red eyes6032 robe3619 show accurate14357 solo1053119 talisman52


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Light Ascend
I think it's more appropriate to put "抱抱我吧" (hug me please) instead of "拥抱我" (hug me). There exists a subtle difference in emotions, with the first one being more cuddly, and the latter being more assertive.
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@Background Pony #1551
Yeah, disbanded. I don't count anything post-show to be canon, since it's done by different people. Typically I set my pics around Seasons 4 or 5, unless I want to draw from something that only appeared earlier or later :D
Background Pony #2C3D
i hope we get some nightmare night pics this year…. i wonder if this lady will have fun nightmare night
Background Pony #1551
Are they disbanded in your universe? And in season 10 mlp fim comic episode 1 it said that bon bon and lyra are secret agents not ex agents

@Background Pony #67D7
I already explained this but it's 拥抱我 not 拥抱找. 我 and 找 are two different characters despite the similarities. 我 is pronounced Wǒ and means "me" or "I", so it actually means "hug me" or "embrace me"
Though I do like this interpretation and based on how Jiangshi works, she will find you and then hug you!
Background Pony #67D7

is what it says on the talisman, at least as far as I can tell with Google Translate. Which also says that, at least in Mandarin, it comes out as "yōng bào zhǎo" and means "hug to find." Wouldn't you have to find her first to hug her? Or will she find you if you hug someone else?
Background Pony #F539
Well maybe the exorcist who put the talisman on this one wanted to be friendly and a minimal threat to any one victim's chi.

@Wax n' Wane

Apparently those are for controlling or immobilizing the Jiangshi, so they don't go around hunting people and families. Those talismans have strong "chi" conjured by powerful exorcists that suppressed the dark chi of Jiangshi. Though I think those are also for aesthetics to make Jiangshi look scarier which I admit does work.