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In this Alternate Universe, Empress Celestia has stolen Luna’s, Cadance’s and Twilight’s magic and is ruling Equestria as a Tyrant.
This also took a hour to do…

safe2116652 artist:savannah-london111 princess celestia110366 alicorn302505 pony1477888 g41925747 alternate hairstyle36378 alternate universe12467 base used32590 colored wings12893 crown28588 cutie mark51522 deviantart watermark5174 empress130 ethereal mane12747 ethereal tail1837 female1738495 hoof shoes9064 horn139490 jewelry106676 logo5861 mare702369 multicolored eyes224 multicolored horn63 multicolored mane3982 multicolored wings5040 necklace30439 obtrusive watermark7434 regalia34664 simple background568758 solo1380917 starry mane6848 tyrant celestia365 watermark23051 white background151669 wings207691


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