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safe1753858 edit136143 edited screencap67395 screencap228169 angel bunny10025 applejack173553 fluttershy217562 gummy5135 opalescence2125 owlowiscious2014 pinkie pie220492 rainbow dash238912 rarity185896 spike80589 tank2784 twilight sparkle306548 winona2549 alicorn233400 alligator1148 bird8818 cat6538 dog9897 dragon58824 earth pony267293 owl1198 pegasus310335 pony1013517 rabbit5613 tortoise705 unicorn343641 my little pony: pony life5701 pony life6192 the fast and the furriest35 angel is not amused58 animal4691 animated101023 car6244 mane seven6685 mane six32628 sound9508 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126327 unnamed character545 unnamed pony1570 wacky races34 webm14430 wrench763


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Background Pony #1684
Hmmmm…a turtle with rocket thrusters. Where have I seen that before?
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