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I can’t believe she’s bucking dead /s
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Science fiction fan
They are referring to this awful pun Sonic Ranger said:
@Sonic Ranger  
This is why this show “sucks!”
And here’s the punchline:
Gummy just used a vacuum to suck up Twilight’s pieces.
It’s like saying an entire city smells disgusting because one person used the bathroom once. And that is the main problem with this “joke”.
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Not stinky!
Naw, she’ll reginerate. She always does.
Same for when Pinkie fuxsplodes. …Though, I think snarky Applejack is the best running gag so far.
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>Made potions that can change ponies into other ponies, make headbands show ponies dark truths, and shoot lasers
How powerful/good at magic is Potion Nova?