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safe1706360 artist:tjpones3117 princess cadance32465 rainbow dash233953 alicorn224426 pony967519 absurd resolution66288 cadance's pizza delivery43 can391 cap4558 cheese pizza57 cream soda1 cute199800 cutedance1252 ear fluff29563 eating9609 female1363062 food70113 hat86855 magic73269 mare480545 meat1879 peetzer120 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1928 pizza box324 ponies eating meat977 soda1591 soda can271 solo1064204 telekinesis27728 that pony sure does love pizza118


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
Its Rainbow Dash brand

I was thinking the Kirin could've put her on there as a sponsorship thing, like when General Mills would put athletes, e.g. Michael Jordan, on boxes of Wheaties.

But now it seems there's a Rainbow Dash toy inside…?!
Background Pony #6635
Peetzer is love. Peetzer is life.

…I also almost missed the >implied >implications about the cream soda. hue.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

So, about the toys in the cream soda: are they small enough to fit through the hole, making them a choking hazard, or are they too big, making it so ponies have to rip the cans open and leaving sharp metal edges?