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safe2196991 artist:evehly899 fluttershy261095 pegasus507153 pony1627433 g42052892 :i1926 beady eyes481 belly45861 big belly20146 chest fluff67177 colored wings15191 colored wingtips3035 cute269051 female1828274 funny5556 looking at you264584 mare757646 multiple angles145 preggoshy636 pregnant16965 profile8512 shyabetes19487 simple background608807 smiling405597 solo1444740 standing26344 text91268 two toned wings6414 white background166374 wide load216 wing fluff2571 wings229443 •-•3


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Background Pony #0C02
@Background Pony #8285  
Can you blame them? MLP FIM ponies’ abilities aren’t really 100% based on real ponies/horses. They can stand up, grab stuff with their hooves, use magic, throw up, play guitar, etc. So maybe this wouldn’t matter that much to Equestrian ponies because they would probably find a way to adapt to the situation. Something real ponies/horses are incapable of doing so in this case.
Background Pony #8285
A lot of people can’t draw pregnant ponies and horses, they are wide.  
If they would be pregnant like humans they would be even less able to run away from predators.