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When a pony jump into your bed…

safe2211472 artist:nekokevin1103 applejack203510 fluttershy262758 pinkie pie259867 rainbow dash284335 rarity220688 twilight sparkle363113 pony1641697 unicorn556299 g42066114 animated128517 bed59926 cute271336 female1845601 frame by frame4782 gif50100 irl84672 jumping4722 mare768150 merchandise6229 nekokevin is trying to murder us36 open mouth245920 plushie31437 poster7139 prone36273 running8280 scooting76 smiling411526 solo focus30890 stop motion672 sweet dreams fuel2126 twiabetes15664 underhoof70727 unicorn twilight35421 watermark24762


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So this is stop motion animation. How did they get the mid-air shots?
Is Twilight hanging from a string or did they photoshop those frames. If it was photoshopped they did a great job with the Twilight’s shadow on the bed.