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safe1751398 artist:liaaqila1068 derpibooru exclusive29320 rainbow dash238657 human159018 pegasus309429 pony1011379 :<1085 behaving like a cat2244 cute205799 dashabetes9646 hand9058 human on pony petting138 liaaqila is trying to murder us57 liaaqila is trying to murder us with dashabetes25 petting1960 ponified animal photo649 this will not end well1716 traditional art120323


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Background Pony #BFB3
Awww those beautiful vibrant eyes 🥰 and super cute expression and wings and fluff… I could never be mad at her ❤️
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Background Pony #0F3C
I think I know what image was used as a reference. It's a meme about running out of toilet paper and grabbing the next nearest thing.
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