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safe1676508 artist:howxu542 adagio dazzle12663 aria blaze9594 princess celestia93807 princess luna97944 sonata dusk13289 sunset shimmer61751 equestria girls196208 censored vulgarity458 coronavirus810 covid-19763 female1336359 grawlixes313 mask6511 principal celestia3431 solo1043888 that girl sure loves tacos126 that siren sure does love tacos40 the dazzlings4253 vice principal luna2438


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Background Pony #890E
Aria's mask is pretty much what I think every time I see someone NOT wearing a mask in public.
Background Pony #8A1B
@Background Pony #456D
I doubt it. From what I've been hearing, there may (or may not) be a possible vaccine for Covid-19 and it's already showing just a small bit of promise. Also, NYC hasn't had any deaths for the first time since March.
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I don't think you understand debates if that's what you think, nor care to if "winning" is all you care about. And try debating those in the thread. Maybe you'll find someone there who is a challenge.
Background Pony #DF94
If nearly pure evil sirens from another dimension wear masks, Why not you?
Background Pony #456D
@Background Pony #027A
You should look forward to 2023, 'cause virologists are saying we're gonna be dealing with it for at least another two years. Which is mercifully shirt compared to the like of the Spanish Flu, which lasted nearly two decades.
Background Pony #6D36
Not "All shall love me and despair?" 0/10, 'Dagi. Everyone knows Tolkien references make anything better.
Background Pony #456D
Historically, ninjas were often seen, but seldom identified, as they had a myriad of disguises to allow them to hide in plain sight.