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My entry for NATG day 30: Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony celebration.

Thanks to all who upvoted, favorited and (positively) commented on my pictures. You are very kind people.


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@Background Pony #AE5B
Doceniam to, aczkolwiek nie zauważyłem, żebyś napisał coś obraźliwego (chyba że to była jakaś aluzja, której nie zrozumiałem). Może to zdrobnienie mojego imienia było troche dziwne, ale ja się za takie rzeczy nie obrażam.

Thanks, to make things clear, it wasn't my intention to refer to any current events (and I still have no idea which event would that be). My reasoning when making this image was to use a character that would look the most ridiculous in a party hat, for the comical effect.

Very nice picture it is. I like her cute look, mad but still cute.
Don't get mad on commenters, maybe someone felt offended because of synchronous event and it made things like this.