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#MLP #SunsetShimmer is happy with the latest tests of her experimental energy carbine. This should give the Institute a firepower advantage.

This #Anthro #FalloutEquestria drawing is a Patreon reward for @jurrelvt

https://t.co/TlsWfOHKgs https://t.co/BQi705cNit
suggestive128332 artist:baron engel1746 sunset shimmer57768 anthro231069 unguligrade anthro43060 unicorn267331 fallout equestria15314 breasts240449 busty sunset shimmer4558 digital art11985 energy weapon270 fallout3111 female901675 goggles13267 grayscale36265 gun14612 latex10309 latex suit2946 monochrome148047 pencil drawing7414 simple background346585 sketch58970 skinsuit213 skintight clothes704 the institute10 traditional art109491 weapon27274 white background87374


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