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safe1577839 artist:bobthedalek878 starlight glimmer43979 sunburst5840 pony847590 unicorn267133 atg 2020921 bandaid1585 board game366 dragon pit87 female901212 fence2516 hammer1560 injured3132 magic65996 male306216 mare416558 nails298 newbie artist training grounds5768 stallion92991 telekinesis24761


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Wait a minute.
If I understand this Starlight injured herself hammering a nail but this implies she was doing this by hoof now putting aside how that might work (cartoon logic it’s fine) she has magic which this image is illustrating by her levitating the hammer so we can assume she was levitating that and nails and the fence post so how did injury herself?
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@Brass Beau

Sorry, guess that joke was too inside. In an episode of Invader Zim, every time someone says, "[ADHESIVE MEDICAL STRIPS!]" the dialogue is censored by a guy saying, "Adhesive medical strips!" It's always the same voice clip, and the lip flaps clearly match them saying, "[ADHESIVE MEDICAL STRIPS!]" instead. The gag stuck with me.
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Word Bug
@Brass Beau
plaster = self-adhesive bandage. We in the U.S. call them Band-aids, but keep in mind, that's actually a brand name.

Yeah, that got me too. Here in Australia we call them bandaids too, so exclusively that the trademark is literally useless at this point.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
I just love how excited Starlight is for a Dragon Pit… plaster? Must be a British thing. Today I learned something.
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cute image, but i dont get the joke being made

Not really a joke as such, the prompt was 'draw a pony mending fences'…

Somedays I have 'off' days, far easier (and healthier) to ride them out knowing a better joke is probably coming than to try and force something funny out.