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This, is the most detailed thing I have drawn yet.
And I'm still not done.

Now it's on to two different backgrounds, once of which with a few background ponies, because why not?
safe1575101 artist:sepiakeys101 pinkie pie203190 anthro230268 unguligrade anthro42930 apron3888 bell3734 bell collar1965 bloomers148 bow24218 bra14010 bra strap383 choker9248 clothes408895 collar28727 cookie3291 detailed683 female898853 food60792 garter612 garter strap1 hair bow13267 lace689 lineart19055 obi19 parfait13 pen in hair1 petticoat38 pinafore24 server pinkie pie299 serving tray87 skirt35627 solo972725 stockings28623 thigh highs28338 tray758 underwear55189 waitress718


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