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Invited to the Grand Galloping Gala as a plus one, turned heads with new Hairdo (inspired by Marilyn Monroe) and a New Couture from Rarity.

Wearing Swarovski crystal muffin earrings and a muffin coin purse.

She also had gold and opal horseshoes and an anklet, but most eyes stopped too high up to notice.

But she keeps getting escorted to the seats along the side as everything thinks she's had too much to drink.
safe1577486 artist:sepiakeys101 derpy hooves48272 anthro230846 pegasus240266 unguligrade anthro43028 anklet762 clothes409756 clutch11 cross-eyed690 cutout127 dress39587 ear piercing21698 earring18008 fancy dress15 female900825 grand galloping gala509 horseshoes2046 jewelry51078 makeup17697 piercing34964 solo974390 styled hair22


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