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safe1577500 artist:lunar57173 princess celestia90097 alicorn195660 pony847251 3d62815 beautiful4682 bust40872 canterlot5044 cute177844 cutelestia3219 dust motes52 female900861 floppy ears46682 horn43550 lidded eyes25760 light1231 looking at something2300 mare416337 no catchlights520 portrait28612 pretty680 smiling215449 solo974406 source filmmaker38028 spread wings47910 sunlight757 uhd wallpaper8 wallpaper17746 wing fluff1430 wings76408


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The previous version looked good too. I don't see why it was a duplicate since they were different.
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Tagged it as Wallpaper and UHD wallpaper since it's the right resolution and seems intended for that use.
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