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Commissioned by animehero64 over on deviantART.

First time I've vectored the whole of Sunset's Digital Series outfit! Only done her from the waist up before. Real interesting boots, here.

If you want to use this image for anything, ask me and then the commissioner (linked in the source description) first. Over on deviantART, preferrably.
safe1573078 artist:sketchmcreations1534 sunset shimmer57459 equestria girls179738 equestria girls series28385 boots19136 clothes408188 commission51718 female897208 geode of empathy2432 hand on hip4538 looking at you143488 magical geodes6617 raised arm226 shoes30233 simple background344736 smiling214448 socks56653 solo971448 transparent background179244


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1 comment posted
Background Pony #9CB6
wow she's so pretty

can i ask to use this later? ill give credit, i promise