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Update 30/6/2020: Added commission options for OC ports to V6 ReVAmped or NexGen.

- All prices are in US Dollars.
- If you are commissioning art of an OC, you MUST have a model already made of that OC, as I don't make OC models for SFM.
- Standard animations aren't shown here because I feel animation by its very nature is a relatively hard thing to price properly, as I may under or overestimate how long something might take to make, and then under or overcharge, while with still images (and turntable animations) I have a better idea of how much it would be worth.
- Fur detail and absurd resolution isn't available on a turntable animation, because it's not possible or logical to animate the fur or stitch together partial frames for 600 individual frames.

- If you're commissioning a V6 ReVAmped or NexGen conversion of an OC you MUST have a model already made and to use in converting.
- V6 ReVAmped feral and anthro models are standalone models — however, commissioning a NexGen conversion of your OC is only for the head and material scripts, which can then be used with the bodies in the NexGen model pack.

Contact me here for commissions:
- DA Notes
- Discord: ImAFutureGuitarHero#2316

PayPal link

Turntable Animation example:

Examples of my NSFW work:
- Photoshoot-style portrait: >>2167516
- Poster with basic scenebuild: >>1994469
- Poster with moderate scenebuild: >>2287683
- Turntable animation: >>2075001
safe1577499 artist:imafutureguitarhero284 doctor fauna510 fluttershy198046 lyra heartstrings28008 sunset shimmer57733 twilight sparkle282993 oc606089 oc:daze20 oc:epiclper11 oc:flutterrocket6 oc:kofee8 oc:magnolia44 alicorn195660 anthro230848 centaur2622 human142248 imp130 pegasus240271 plantigrade anthro26863 pony847250 unguligrade anthro43029 unicorn266966 3d62815 :i1434 absurd file size582 absurd resolution63987 acoustic guitar173 adidas149 adidas tracksuit6 advertisement7596 amplifier129 anthro oc28342 anthro with ponies2268 arm fluff55 bandage5146 bandages on wrist21 bare shoulders1746 barefoot24357 beach12821 beach ball1313 beach towel391 belly button67682 blaze (coat marking)866 blouse475 boots19229 bored1374 bow (instrument)607 box4228 branches90 breasts240200 briefs453 broken horn12775 burning557 censored3512 censored nudity7 centaurshy122 chair5892 cheek fluff4422 chest fluff32594 cleavage30789 clothes409756 cloud27187 coffee3538 colored eyebrows152 colored eyelashes291 commission info970 commissions open216 commissions sheet26 crate460 crossed legs2718 cup5531 cute177844 dead grass8 discolored3 dress39587 ear fluff23452 electric fence7 electric guitar858 feet34672 female900860 fence2515 fingerless gloves3940 fingerprint7 floppy ears46682 fluffy12898 forest8817 freckles25470 fur374 game boy283 game console68 glass4039 glasses55001 gloves17242 grass8178 grin33043 guitar4369 hands on cheeks29 hands on head388 holding2504 hoodie12337 horn43550 jacket10854 jeans3345 juice1177 leather899 leather boots178 leather gloves46 leather jacket2944 leg fluff2488 lemonade174 long hair3382 long mane2889 male306094 mare416337 midna141 miniskirt4764 mountain4448 mug3711 multicolored hair4177 multicolored mane1172 multicolored tail904 mundane utility61 musical instrument6953 nexgen443 nintendo3275 nose fluff7 nose wrinkle2828 ocbetes4242 open jacket140 open mouth123380 outdoors7576 pants12294 photo70723 playing instrument141 ponytaur429 prehensile tail670 price sheet83 princess zelda244 rage-shift15 rapidash twilight375 reflection2801 revamped anthros235 revamped ponies173 sand1894 scenery7195 scenery porn728 scratches405 shadow3620 shimmerbetes3980 shirt21294 shoes30414 shore112 shoulder fluff1404 sign3679 signature18943 sitting55108 skirt35721 slav45 slav squat11 smiling215449 socks56878 source filmmaker38028 squatting1235 stallion92956 standing10190 standing on one leg406 steam1597 sticks34 stool1463 sunglasses13005 tail stand49 tanktop6748 tent818 tetris78 text51210 the legend of zelda3462 tiptoe56 trackpants14 tracksuit212 tree27556 tree stump450 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115340 umbrella2337 unamused13773 underwear55317 vertical110 video game4568 violin464 violin bow53 walking campfire37 wall of tags2314 water11368 window7266 windswept mane2604 wings76408


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Discount Slav
Yeah, since I don't do modelling to a high enough calibre to make MLP OCs for Source Filmmaker, I put that prerequisite in the commission sheet for any OC artworks; however the alternative of course would be to make an artwork of a canon character.
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Background Pony #0AF8
I mean this artist setting up commissions is cool but still, whats with the hate on the V3 i think eqg models
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Background Pony #0AF8
Why do we have the new eqg models if its always going to be anthros? And half those have disgustingly large tits. I dont understand
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