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"Gleaming Shield! Her name is Gleaming Shield." Twilight exclaimed. "She’s my…..cousin, visiting from…far away!"

Twilight's attempt keep Gleaming Shield hide failed when Moondancer burst in discover Shiny's double and ask if she is related to Shining Armor.
About reveal the truth, Twilight decided pick Shining Armor's old nickname she used when they were younger.
safe1577498 artist:droll3271 moondancer4441 shining armor21778 smarty pants1472 spike74893 twilight sparkle282993 dragon48268 pony847246 unicorn266961 angry24016 baby9020 baby spike665 brother and sister3558 clothes409756 crossdressing8682 cute177844 cutie mark40818 dress39587 female900855 filly59630 filly twilight sparkle2511 glasses55001 gleaming shield1108 horn43550 implied transgender transformation156 male306094 monochrome148000 playing1352 rule 6325248 siblings6053 sisters7267 sketch58941 spikabetes1827 sweat23015 sweatdrops356 sword10610 tail19375 text51210 toy20843 traditional art109423 weapon27254 younger15717


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