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Here is the thing guys, my tablet is not doing that good, need to replace it, so i will keep this until i manage to buy a new one, (this doesnt apply for the short comics, i do those in case someone is interested) pls RT this, you will do me a huge favor

he does porn too if you are interested xD
safe1575133 artist:caoscore196 fluttershy197744 sugarcoat3093 sunset shimmer57588 anthro230299 human142045 equestria girls180116 bowsette120 clothes408920 commission51943 crystal prep academy uniform3189 geode of fauna1302 humanized94059 kiss on the cheek1491 kissing22449 lineart19050 looking at you143781 magical geodes6629 offering114 school uniform6702 swimsuit24708


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