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safe1588676 artist:ponyhell62 applejack160124 big macintosh27003 fluttershy199550 princess celestia90525 rainbow dash220877 rarity170967 twilight sparkle284717 zecora8868 alicorn198016 earth pony203732 pegasus244653 pony855903 unicorn271201 zebra15920 apple14791 apple tree2749 atg 2020919 butt29561 cellphone2881 crossbow249 dead3860 female929583 food61766 history276 hug25681 industry15 male309691 mare420962 newbie artist training grounds5703 on back22567 phone5211 plot71644 plow81 rarity is industry3 religion606 smartphone1543 stallion94251 tree27905 unicorn twilight13209 x eyes527


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