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Background Pony #D301
Two of them are stupid on their own way.
One is silly and clumsy.
The other one… is just stupid.
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Derpy wasn't around enough to be flanderised into the "HAHA HE'S SO STUPID REALITY WARPS AROUND HIM TO MAKE THINGS DUMBER, HAR HAR HAR!!" cliche that happens with every character who's supposed to generate some comic relief by being "Not Bright" by the writer if the show goes on long enough.

For some reason writers don't think it's enough to have a character who's simply absent-minded or lacks foresight, not after the first few seasons anyway. No, they always end up being "THE DUMBEST FUCKIN' MORON TO EVER EXIST, LOL!!!". Thank God Derpy didn't get enough screentime for that to properly happen to her.