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Such a clean machine… Yeah, Rogerina prefers dating cars to humans. Plz Don't judge her for it, otherwise she will be sad and lock herself in a cupboard.

Title and Concept inspired by this song :…
Base used by :iconlynnqueenofsports: (lynnqueenofsports)
Base used :…

Base used (dream time) by :iconcrystal-cutie-123: (crystal-cutie-123)
Base used (dream time) :…

I no longer accept any requests, sorry
Based on Queen
suggestive129010 artist:grapefruitface1744 equestria girls180968 base used15629 bed36607 black underwear3352 bra14191 breasts242732 car fetish5 clothes411724 crossdressing8388 dream2518 dream bubble28 driving706 equestria girls-ified8522 female925343 hug25484 music reference22 not an oc6 panties46250 pillow15643 pillow hug282 polka dot underwear443 queen (band)141 roger taylor8 rogerina6 sleeping21798 solo977652 thought bubble3021 underwear55537


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