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safe1750050 artist:bobthedalek952 starlight glimmer49779 pony1010100 unicorn342134 atg 2020920 bikini18958 cave pony54 caveman92 cavemare48 cavewoman29 clothes475820 female1401514 george of the jungle18 leopard print73 leopard print swimsuit8 loincloth1217 mare501993 newbie artist training grounds6500 screaming3538 solo1094095 song in the comments251 swimsuit29611 swinging403 tarzan115 this will end in pain2036 vine1340 windswept mane2866


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Background Pony #B592
Starlight Glimmer: does the Tarzan yell and swings on her jungle vine
Twilight Sparkle: Glim! Watch out for that…
Starlight Glimmer: crashes into a tree and falls onto the ground
Twilight Sparkle: Tree.
Background Pony #45C3
🎵Glim, Glim, Glim of the jungle, strong as she can be🎵 Starlight yelling 🎵Watch our for that tree🎵

🎵Glim, Glim, Glim of the jungle, Lives a life that’s free🎵 Starlight yelling 🎵Watch our for that tree🎵

🎵 When she gets in scrapes
When she makes her escapes
With the help of her friend
An ape named Ape. Then away she'll schlep
On her elephant Shep
While Twilight and Spike
Stay in step with🎵

🎵Glim, Glim, Glim of the jungle, friend to you and me🎵 Starlight yelling 🎵Watch our for that tree🎵🎵Watch our for that…

Starlight Glimmer: yells, crashes into the tree Oooh!!!


🎵Glim, Glim, Glim of the jungle, friend to you and me!!🎵
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Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Umbreon Likes Night
Me:"Glim Glam,Glim Glam of jungle lives a life that's tree"
Me:"What out for that tree…"
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