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Aaaaaaaaa! Im so happy with how all these came out!! ♡ ;; o ;;

Introducing, my newest mane six pack~
safe1749083 artist:kittyrosie632 applejack173131 fluttershy217081 pinkie pie220040 rainbow dash238391 rarity185446 twilight sparkle305944 alicorn232661 earth pony265439 pegasus308688 pony1009296 unicorn341754 my little pony: pony life5695 pony life6185 candy7092 cute205527 dashabetes9631 diapinkes10270 food72876 jackabetes6245 mane six32538 one eye closed32445 open mouth153964 rainbow4733 raribetes5621 shyabetes14479 smiling260458 tree33488 twiabetes12259 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126139 wink25627


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