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Originally posted on: Mar 19, 2020
Cobalt Cordon doodle
#Mylittlepony #coronavirus


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Background Pony #7685
Wait… So is this a joke at the expense of the CCP or the HKSAR? Who is this sarcasm being directed at!?
Background Pony #826A
I took this as a conservative piece attempting to mock anti-racism, since it takes the format of an angry character literally going "Don't say x"
Background Pony #0C8E

OC:Cobalt is, since the pony is saluting Hitler only with the wrong hoof.

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Eh, “[location] virus/flu” doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. “Kung Flu” and “Wuflu” on the other hand…

Honestly funny names are better at conveying the coronavirus than some politicised circlejerk name.
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Well, China Virus sounds worse, doesn't it?

And PLEASE tell me you're joking. You can't be serious, right?

Do actual people honestly care about things like this?

No, seriously, I'm asking, I don't interact with many unfamiliar people, so my knowledge of the current generation is lacking. Although, from what I've gathered… it's not something I'd like.
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Perhaps the following would be preferable?

Sweet and Sour Sicken
The Lung March
The Great Heave Forward
Too Wong Flu, Thanks for Everything, Wuhan Hubei
Moo Goo Die Die