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Young Leosword
Weseluck is an accomplished actress who can play young boys brilliantly, but St. Germain is also an acceptable actress for young boys, plus her providing voices for maybe a quarter of the secondary and background cast. ^_^
Background Pony #E188
I’ve noticeD that Spike hasn’t had a major role since the clip show miniseries.
Background Pony #5799
Lauren works at DC Super Hero Girls 2019, who is a pretty goofy series sometimes. I mean, the Teen Titans (who are preteens in this universe) were based off their TTG selves! That means Lauren has no problem with overly comedic takes in classic series.

I like how Tabitha can sound like that but I hope this doesn't mean Cathy isn't involved with the series anymore. This also implies these are literally Spike's own two lines throughout the whole series which might explain why they don't even bother getting Cathy on set.

@Background Pony #101F
That is EXACTLY what I said it would be the moment I saw the character designs.

The environment in most creative studios now — especially ones producing content for children — is one in which people just don't want to work. This is why Thundercats Roar and Teen Titans Go exist, and why Pony Life looks like their clone: they're made by adult children who want to goof around rather than create anything with meaning like Lauren did. This is also the reason the MLP Movie was just a straightforward, uninspired hero's journey, and why the FiM series finale was a packaged product designed with no more investment than a Series Finale Checklist:

- time skip to show main casts' futures: check
- next generation introduced to show lead character has come full circle: check
- each Mane Six Pony consecutively assigned one line of dialogue in crucial scenes: check
- ends on heartwarming group shot: check

No inspiration whatsoever.

We should not be anticipating the next MLP thing. That magic is gone. What we should really be anticipating after G4 is whatever Lauren Faust is working on next.

No, it doesn't want to tell a coherent plot in any manner. You can do that while not scaring off the kids, you don't need some weird ADHD mess that doesn't know what it's own rules are.
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@Background Pony #101F
G4 S1E1 does an amazing job in cold opening and 2 acts to establish characterization of 8 main characters (mane 6 + spike + celestia) and some "world building" ground rules re magic, pegasi abilities, etc. so that the remaining act + episode are all building on that. Rest of the series builds on that more.

PL starts off with a priori knowledge of the characterization of the M6 and even then, there's small changes (for example, Pinkie seems to own SC Corner now? Is Twi still Princess?) then adds some extra oddities that haven't been explained at all — FS's random growth/shrinking for example, as well as where the potions come into play. So everything is like "hold up, we're still trying to catch up to the first episode, why did drinking that potion cause that to happen?", as well as the odd parts of the world-building (eg tablets/television/etc.) Now, ys, the show's aimed to the young set so I can little need to sit down and explain all that in a go, there's literally no time, but you still dip some bg building at points in these first half-dozen episodes to help. It doesn't seem like this will happen though.
Background Pony #101F
@Background Pony #8276
Of these 4 episodes the common trend is not really to tell a coherent story or have things make sense. Just literally slap some zany problems and solutions.

They made this for 4-7 year olds that aren't going to question anything and just watch colorful ponies act cute and stupid. The plot, continuity, etc are all secondary (which is fair as it is a kid's show, Faust just put more effort and love into it allowing it to be enjoyable for all ages, the people in change now just want to slap the brand name on it and profit with minimal effort, which is again fair as they are a business).
Background Pony #8276
No one's gonna question the fact that Spike is getting excited over a fucking library? I'd understood if it was a comic con or something but library? Spike is the new Twilight Sparkle, apparently.
Background Pony #C639
Still waiting for Spike to play a major role. Maybe Cathy will return for that.