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Featured on EQD. Mission Accomplished! SombraShy art will someday rain down from the heavens.  
Some more SombraShy that isn’t as ‘adorable happy cuteness’ as some of my others. I made them both crystal ponies for the sake of making them crystal ponies – though it’s very subtle in Sombra.  
Figured I’d take the time to do a complex background. I need the practice .-.  
Don’t ask how long this took, because I wasn’t keeping track xD all I can say is that it probably took well over 8hrs.
You may not see as much art from me for the next week or so. I’ll be doing more scenery practice; most of which I’ll just keep to myself if I don’t find any of my practice pieces to be DA-worthy. Plus, I sense much homework coming my way this week.
safe1878577 artist:evehly815 fluttershy229383 king sombra15090 crystal pony4898 pegasus364256 pony1224447 unicorn401528 castle2318 clothes524673 colored wings8539 colored wingtips1830 crystal castle254 crystal empire2488 crystallized1515 duo93206 ear piercing32440 earring25188 eyeshadow20062 female1516344 hair bands2 hairbands2 jewelry81600 king sideburns13 leg band54 makeup27631 male427884 piercing49221 queen fluttershy16 race swap16593 red wingtips6 scarf26421 shipping220005 sombra eyes3799 sombrashy388 straight151428 suit6976 twilight (time of day)1


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