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suggestive159508 artist:maarthul305 adagio dazzle14097 aria blaze10593 sonata dusk14520 oc776230 oc:anon12436 human180127 equestria girls222145 rainbow rocks18981 a-domme-gio95 amazon656 ariadom26 big breasts95860 boob smothering706 booby trap33 breasts314920 busty adagio dazzle1821 busty aria blaze1229 busty dazzlings146 busty sonata dusk1972 canterlot high3169 female1499208 femdom8933 giantess4734 huge breasts44642 human coloration5762 humanized105617 imminent sex8169 imminent snu snu96 larger female998 macro12075 male422117 reversed gender roles equestria137 size difference16521 smaller male943 smothering805 sonatadom29 stupid sexy dazzlings63 the dazzlings4764 thighs18409


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Everything is Everything
I guess we can file this under “What Would Have Happened If The Dazzlings Won The Canterlot High Battle of the Bands” :)

Aria Blaze: “Go ahead, punk. You just try fighting me off. I dare ya. All yer gonna do is get my ladyb0n3r harder and harder.”
Sonata Dusk: “Sooooo I forget, was the plan to let them relax and recover after a while, or are we all just gonna keep going until they completely expire? Hellooo-ooo, Adagio?”
Adagio Dazzle: “Hey, cutie. I could tell by the way you were running away from me that you really, really wanted me to catch you. You must want me bad, don’cha? You’d better, cuz I want you ten times as bad.” [leans in and whispers] “Hey, listen…if you can still move by tomorrow morning, I’ll keep you as my property forever. Promise.♥”

Well, I guess all those years being trapped in eternally teenage bodies and steeped in all those hormones, the sirens aren’t exactly bashful about getting what they want anymore.
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This /hh/ thread marks the start of new golden era of hugeness.  
Great stuff, Maarthul