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Meet Marley Lennon :3
She is a hippie pony that REALLY likes the the grass x3
She’s got a very laid back and chill approach about things. Likes to take things slowly, very easy to get along with and likes to help listen to other people’s troubles. Also she REALLY likes weed and she is like, high 90% of the time XD
Can also give some surprisingly spiritual and insightful advice and speeches when she can too. She likes to grown her own weed, and she is also the owner of a marijuana store, selling her own custom made bongs that she likes to make.
Roommates with her friend Healthy Snack.
safe1945450 artist:bad_trip7 oc822828 oc only605544 oc:marley lennon7 earth pony350424 pony1295205 2020796 blank flank8833 bong567 clothes549393 drugs2801 ear piercing34747 earring26668 eyebrow piercing1203 female1578800 glasses75919 headband4513 hippie616 jewelry88496 mare603693 marijuana1363 multicolored hair8638 necklace25243 peace symbol326 piercing52286 pince-nez118 reference sheet15742 shirt31677 solo1245569 t-shirt5620 tongue out126212 tongue piercing1245 torn clothes5859 unshorn fetlocks34975


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Background Pony #653E
…so, is she a glassblower? That must be difficult for an Erf Poni. No hands.