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"Draw ponies experiencing your perfect idea for an episode created / Draw a pony with a brilliant idea"

Generic brony jokes are generic but I'm in hurry. Ok, not really, but I want to sleep already. Forgive me bad hair rendering, I just really wanted to complete at least one ATG prompt :XD:

Also, my summer vacation has officially started earlier today
safe1572600 artist:rysunkowasucharia51 bon bon15605 lyra heartstrings27721 sweetie drops15605 earth pony197975 unicorn265119 bon bon is not amused988 box4210 clothes407991 cute176706 dialogue60441 duo49298 female896789 floppy ears46538 gloves17162 glowing horn16593 hand7761 horn42809 lyrabetes1210 magic65698 mare414332 newbie artist training grounds5659 open mouth122707 telekinesis24637 that pony sure does love hands238 thousand yard stare632 unamused13665


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
Bon Bons face is that of a mare who's really thinking of a way to put her friend down gently from their impossible lofty dream… A true "Bruh" face.