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I want a spin-off series with Celestia and Luna traveling Equestria solving mysteries.

ATG 2020 — Day 23: Draw ponies experiencing your perfect idea for an episode

(No time to do proper lining on this one, so just cleaned up the sketch as best I could) https://t.co/U5SCoTVYs7
safe1691867 artist:dstears640 flam2136 flim2227 princess celestia94408 princess luna98563 alicorn221509 pony953517 unicorn317181 bound together560 clothes454293 cosplay27586 costume27201 crossover61709 digital art18264 female1349748 flim flam brothers1240 fred jones27 glasses61037 magic72515 male367922 mare473786 monochrome148777 newbie artist training grounds5603 raised hoof44946 royal sisters4374 sarcasm311 scooby doo264 simple background388548 stallion106912 sweater14361 telekinesis27354 tied up5773 turtleneck1436 velma dinkley79 white background96440


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I usually never explain the joke, but I guess I'll do it this one time.

Celestia was shown in Horse Play to be very literal-minded and lacking any sort of imagination. Thus I imagine she would be unable to picture "carnival phantoms" as anything other than actual phantoms, and certainly not Flim and Flam in costume.
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"We are the highest authority in all the land, sister. Perhaps we should… arrest them?"

"No need, I'm sure they've learned their lesson!"