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Commission — Greedy Amber

Commission for my friend Thatbluepony (FA) i did back on MAY Of a very angery, bloated and uncomfortable amber. She is an idiot sometimes haha

wasn't sure of posting this pic but the hell with it, enjoy some cute amber.

Alt source: FA.
suggestive145594 artist:thedrunkcoyote325 oc698558 oc only456518 oc:amber steel195 unicorn332900 anthro264921 abstract background15292 angery89 angry27671 anthro oc30375 ass50013 belly29018 big belly11695 big breasts83923 bloated484 blushing201178 boobs and butt pose443 breasts283764 busty oc995 butt62393 complete nudity4009 dialogue66603 dock50940 female1382543 floppy ears53292 high res31198 huge breasts39063 large butt17302 nudity376358 raised tail15673 rear view12432 sideboob10623 solo1078910 solo female181585 stomach noise3264 stuffed1712 tail29106 uncomfortable297


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Those eating habits are only gonna keep making that butt and belly bigger. I sure to hell won’t complain though
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