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The Pony Who Doesn't Like Apples

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safe1704780 artist:tjpones3115 applejack169740 strawberry sunrise374 earth pony248095 pegasus291104 pony965990 honest apple748 abuse7728 applejack's hat7298 cowboy hat15821 duo61176 female1361542 food70018 hat86697 how it should have ended53 mare479770 stool1679 strawberrabuse12 strawberry960 this ended in pain196 tooth197 tooth gap203 violence577


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Strawberry kind of deserved that.
How she spoke its like she knew it will piss Applejack off and that smug grin she had just shows she knows AJ can't do anything about it because "morals" or something.
When someone is speaking on how they feel, don't purposely sound like an asshole.
I am sure with how AJ was speaking about what she thinks about certain dresses is not awful as what Strawberry was doing here.
Background Pony #423E
tbh strawberries are probably one of the easiest fruits to eat with no teeth, certainly couldn't eat apples with no teeth though
I'm sure it won't come to that. Not when Zecora has that instant tooth repair potion and all.

Although I suddenly feel like we need at least one picture of Strawberry Sunrise with a gold tooth.