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I love this meme, and I love all the ponified versions of it! And I love myself some Starlight and Trixie shipping, as you probably know by now.
But I've been finding a glaring lack of usage of this little piece of information… that we know magical clones are canonically friendly, without the need for the blocked-off Mirror Pool! And we know Starlight's the one who discovered it AND that if Trixie could, she most likely would sleep with herself. We need more TrixStarTrix pics around, m'dudes and dudettes!

Anyways, just a simple ponified meme and shippic of one of my favourite ships, kissing two lovebirds with one… no, not stone, that's not nice… horn? Well there's 3 horns in here, so… oh whatever, you get what I mean.

This is the Twitter version, but you can also find a version with just the pic here.
safe1677913 artist:gutovi421 starlight glimmer47828 trixie66416 pony940411 accelero15 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x70 bed39937 blanket5198 clone2294 cuddling8237 exploitable meme33163 female1337514 hug27663 inconvenient trixie313 lesbian95086 meme81188 meta16508 multeity2188 narcissism329 picture frame797 pillow17463 self ponidox7877 selfcest2688 shipping196441 similo duplexis46 starlight's room254 startrix2863 text58147 trixtrix36 twitter3185


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