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82, Lead
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Lead is very dense and so is used as a weight in heavy machinery (e.g. lifts and cranes). Pinkie is a balloon compared to the slab, unlike helium:

SVG here.
safe1691925 artist:parclytaxel1332 pinkie pie214861 earth pony243323 pony953573 series:joycall6's periodic table119 .svg available8246 absurd resolution65936 chemistry339 female1349808 floating3926 lead94 looking at you165987 mare473824 periodic table199 pinkie being pinkie1251 pinkie physics439 simple background388563 slab14 smiling244129 solo1054322 vector76313 white background96444


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Other uses for lead: Water pipes(once in america), shielding against beta and gamma rays, weights for fishing and model flight. Where i live, it's not beeing used for machines. We use steel here in germany, because it's not as toxic as lead, but still as fishing weights. I don't get my country
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Until I read your explanation I was confused as to why Pinkie Pie of all ponies might be associated with lead of all elements :D