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A redraw?? Kind of?? of this, i just felt it looked lazy and totally it wasn't an excuse to draw these two~ Maybe i will do these kind of painting like drawing for the couples of the AU.

"When I saw your face it was incredible,
Painted on my soul, it was indelible.
We celebrate our twisted fate,
We're the broken ones
Got me spinning like a ballerina,
Feeling gangsta every time I see ya,
You're the king and, baby, I'm the queen of
Disaster, disaster."

Rarity was the seamstress of the court, and Tirek the co-ruler of Equestria (basically what Luna did)

Tirek and Rarity's relationship started as a playful thing, Tirek flirted with her and Rarity(she thought she could get a little bit of information from him to help Twi)followed his game.It was clear that Tirek was only intenterest in her good looks, but Rarity wasn't just a pretty face. No ties and no pressure into the relationship, they began to slept with each other, Tirek had other mares to toy with (Rarity was also guilty) but he respected Rarity, he liked her charisma.

Eventually they growed closer and closer, Tirek realizing how strong the mare actually was, he had him wraped around his hoof.One night when they were tangled in his bed he proposed to her. Rarity walked down the aisle feeling a little bit guilty, this was one of the reasons she and her friends had lost everything…but they loved each other.

"My old man is a bad man
But I can't deny the way he holds my hand
And he grabs me, he has me by my heart"
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Btw the quotes are from Queen of Disaster and Off to the races by Lana del Rey, i feel like many of her songs fit this ship so well! pink heart {big}
safe1578477 alternate version34154 artist:bunnari79 lord tirek4746 rarity169961 centaur2625 pony848057 unicorn267341 alternate universe9323 cape9040 choker9300 clothes410111 coat2506 dress39619 ear piercing21716 earring18023 female901694 hoof shoes4161 jewelry51156 male306363 mare416795 nose piercing2285 nose ring1854 piercing35004 rarirek5 regalia16370 robe3132 shipping184345 straight121922 veil769


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